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Moving your home, even a short distance away, requires preparation. Boxes, wrapping paper, and packing materials are required, and it's best to acquire them in advance and get a few spares. You'll be surprised how fast you can fill a box. And don't forget to use packing tape to close your boxes securely.

We take great care with your possessions but keep in mind boxes do get stacked in the truck. Breakable items should be well protected and clearly marked fragile on all sides of the box. Bright red fragile stickers are easily seen. And bubble wrap is a great invention; it's perfect for protecting your framed pictures and big mirrors.

Preparation Makes the Job Go Faster

When you keep the doorways and hallways clear of boxes, our movers can work more efficiently. They'll be able to get your boxes down to the truck in less time, and they'll be able to transport your furniture with greater care. Not every item is easy to carry! Planning for a place to park our truck also speeds up your move. The closer to your front door, the better. Time is money in the moving business, and you can help keep your costs down. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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